3D Generalist  MAYA

Work Experience

Cromo New York
January 2014  /  May 2016
Worked on models and textures for architecture .Working as a freelancer from Argentina

Remo  Argentina
January 2010  /   May 2012

Worked on models, textures, lighting, renders and composition for movies, series and commercials

Barraca post  Argentina
April 2007  / Janury 2008  and September  2009  /  December  2009
Worked on models and textures

FullCAD  Argentina
March  2006  /   December 2006
Worked on models, using AutoCad and Rhino 

Bottero | Melega  Argentina
January  2002  /  November  2005
worked on graphic design using Photoshop and Illustrator for POP’s. I also worked on models using Rhino 


2009 - six months at Gnomon School, California USA
Maya Fast Track, character animation,  lighting and rendering 2, polygon modeling 2

2001 - 2008  U.B.A. - Universidad de Buenos Aires
Degree of Industrial Designer

1983 – 1995 School Rudolf Steiner
Degree  baccalaureate


Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator


German  - Argentina


English,  very good
Spanish,  very good
German, good